9 October 2011

Mine's bigger than yours! By Justine, Vanille & Hannah

This superyacht, Eclipse, could be seen during several days this summer off the coast of Antibes. Why? Because it was just too big to get into the "Quai des Milliardaires"! With its 164 meters, Mr Abramovich's Eclipse is the biggest superyacht in the world. Worth 800 million Euros, it has two helicopter pads, a missile defence system, an intruder detection system, and a mini submarine.

It has always been a trend among rich people to compete for the biggest castle, the biggest car, and now it seems that one just needs to have the biggest yacht

With 800 million Euros, one could have built a hospital, fed a few million hungry people, or given shelter to the world's homeless...What would YOU have spent it on?!

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