10 October 2011

Are you pro or con? 10th October is World Day against the Death Penalty


  1. Corentin.G - Benoit.F14 October 2011 at 08:48

    It’s really difficult to condemn someone to death. Humans aren’t able to judge others. Because of people thinking that they are abominable criminals, execution and detention are made in horrible conditions as we can see in this video with Arthur Judah Angel. Moreover, we can’t be really sure of people’s guilt like for that man in Nigeria who has been condemned and released after nine years on death row. The death penalty should be abolished because people don’t have to decide people’s death. Let’s use life imprisonment rather than death penalty.

  2. Killing someone because he has committed a crime... Death penalty definitely seems quite paradoxical to me. On the one hand, you have a « justice » who says that a murder is a crime. On the other hand, this same « justice » commits a murder in order to punish someone ? So, if we follow this way to think, doesn't this justice deserves death ? Moreover, with such a system, if justice commits a mistake, it's over : there's no coming back from death, whereas you can release someone from jail. I am definitely against death penalty !