9 October 2011

Liposuccion? By Justine, Carole & Romain

The Chinese Finance Minister visited Greece last week. He signed a deal to help the Greek economy. Will it help Greece avoid recession?
By "buying up" the Greek debt China is "integrating" the European Union... Greece will become dependent on China. China also needs a stable Euro so that it can continue exporting to the EU.
China is going to take pat in a meeting on Monday with EU members.

The Chinese are clever, they see long-term... The whole world is now coming under Chinese control. After lending the USA a lot of money it is now the Europeans' turn to become indebted to China. We think that China is becoming too powerful in the world. China has given the Greeks the money they need and the Greeks are very grateful. Europe should have done more, but it looks like it is too mean and short-sighted...

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