9 October 2011

Justice on trial... By Sophie, Clarisse & Emeline

Amanda Knox was accused of her roomate's murder, which happened on the 1st November 2007 in Italy. A young English woman was found dead in her bedroom, after having been sexually assaulted, tortured and stabbed. Thanks to DNA analysis three people were found guilty. The first trial sentenced Amanda Knox to 26 years, her boyfriend to 16, and a third person to 30 years. They appealed and in the end Amanda and her boyfriend were aquitted because of lack of evidence.

We don't believe in Knox's innocence because DNA was found on the corpse, the third person is still guilty (16 year sentence), and Amanda's boyfriend has already served time. We wonder if the Italian justice system is really efficient because, even after the aquittal, many questions around the murder remain unanswered...


  1. Maybe, the event can be atrocious for the victim's family, however if the italian justice demonstrated clearly that they didn't have enough evidence to convict Amanda and her boyfriend. They can't condemn them!! Because how many people have been condemned to the death penalty without clear evidence? We can think of Troy Davis

  2. I do not certainly know well enought this case, but I think that Amanda and her boyfriend are probably guilty. It's strange to find their DNA on the corpse, which in general is an important evidence. However, it's true that you can not convict somebody if there is a lake of evidence. But this murder must be really hard for the family because, murderers will certainly not been punished.