15 October 2011

Lapidary diplomacy... By Edouard

On the website of Sky news HD, in a news item dated 6th October 2011, we learn that Palestinians want to join UNESCO, as a full member State instead of their current "Observer" status...

On the 23rd September 2011, Mahmoud Abbas handed-in its application for UN membership for the “State of Palestine” to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. It will probably be refused since the question of full membership is too sensitive. But if Palestine does not become a UN member State, how can Palestinians join UNESCO as a full member State ? Moreover, the USA has described the decision as "inexplicable" and is against the request, just like the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. For the while, the Palestinian bid to join UNESCO looks like a no-hoper...

The unstable situation between Israel and Palestine started in 1948 with the Israeli Declaration of Independence. All peace processes in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict have failed. To my mind, the peace process cannot succeed if the two enemies do not seek a compromise. The violence will only stop once the Palestinian State is recognized by Israel and terrorist attacks stop. What do YOU think? Comments please!

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