17 September 2011

Tatooine twaddle... Article by Etienne from Sainte-Marie

NASA’s Kepler spacecraft telescope has discovered a two-sun planetary system, which has made astronomers push ever further the frontiers of what they thought possible, find new ways of measuring, and change their theories, and, once again, prove how uninteresting their job is...

This NY Times article, NYT, written by Dennis Overbye, shows us, once again, that being a Physicist is just plain boring. These scientists build theories, they say “Hey, there must be a hadron there!” or “Wait! This orbit can’t be real!”, and then they try to prove their silly theories. Fine, we’re looking for a particle or a planet, we find something resembling it, and we get paid. Is THAT an interesting job?! And the worse, as shown in this article, is that whenever they discover a new, quite interesting thing, like a two-sun planetary system, a little-known science-fiction author actually found it years before!

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