17 September 2011

Alternative solution for Pacific Islanders? By Sybil & Corentin from Sainte-Marie

Over the past four years, Greenland had lost around 15% of its permanent ice cover, exposing a new island that was hidden under the ice. This island is called “Uunartoq Qeqertaq”.
Is this alarming news? If the Earth continues to warm up this fast, will we all still be alive tomorrow?


  1. Romain says: This new island appeared in 2006 near Greenland because of global warming.
    The ice retreated and create this new island.
    The Inuits see it as the "Warming Island".
    Is it alarming for humanity? If we keep polluting the planet, will we still be alive in a few years?

  2. Romain.M and Justine.R23 September 2011 at 08:43

    We don't agree with your opinion! Yes, humans are partly to blame for global warming, but not for all of it. We know global warming has happened before. So it's not as alarming as you think!

    (from Sainte Marie Riom)

  3. Maybe Global warming has happened before, but humans accelerated it ! And that's not a reason, because it's being more and more important every day ! So, not alarming ? I'm not really sure..

  4. Julien Muller, Raphael Vialle, Jb Laquenaire26 September 2011 at 21:11

    This study is not very alarming. Earth goes through different cycles, like global warming or ice ages. Nowadays we're going into a period of global warming, so it's normal that the ice melts. The fact that Greenland has lost 15% of its permanent ice cover is incorrect, according to the Time Atlas (click here .) The global warming process is very long so we don't have to panic. It is true though that we should stop adding to the process by polluting, or try to impact the environment less, but global warming itself is inevitable.

    (From Massillon)

  5. I hink this situation is really alarming but nowadays there are lot of more importants problems to solve! what about wars? terrorism? Of course the earth warm all days but since for ever climate changes in the world! Since for ever globals warming exist... and since for ever the populations adapted!

    (from Massillon)