19 April 2012

Radio Hollande broadcasting to France. By Adam

This article was written on 27th March 2012 by a Libération journalist and deals with a great novelty in an election campaign: the creation of the first political Web radio: Radio Hollande. It is the Web radio of the Socialist presidential candidate which, since the 26th March 2012, has broadcast every day from 6 pm to 7:30 pm live from the HQ of François Hollande’s campaign; Every French person can listen to the Socialist programme for the presidential election. Radio Hollande is a Web radio where Socialists talk of France to the French.

François Hollande launched his official presidential election campaign speech:

Each nation has a spirit and that of France is equality. It’s for equality that France had its Revolution and abolished privileges on the night of August 4th 1789! It's for equality that the Third Republic introduced compulsory school and the income tax! It's for equality that the Popular Front worked in 1936! It's for equality that the Government of General de Gaulle introduced social security in 1945! It is for equality that François Mitterrand was elected! It's for equality that Lionel Jospin launched general medical care!

The issue of this campaign is France! A France of labour, merit, effort, initiative, diversity! A France of security for all! A France of Justice where Money will be given its rightful place, which is as servant and not as master! A France of solidarity where none of the children of the Nation will be left out! A France where the rights of the individual will be based on the equality of all! That's the choice that awaits you! The recovery is now! Justice is now, hope is now! The Republic is now! Change is now! Long live the Republic and long live France!”

Hollande sets the tone of his project, a project based on recovery, justice, the Republic, a project for France with real equality, equality being the very soul of France!

By attacking on all fronts, François Hollande appears, in my opinion, to be the candidate most likely to be elected President.

If you are already 18, do not just watch the results, go to the polls on 22nd April and then again on the 6th May!

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