16 March 2012

Dédé drops out...

On 14th March 2012, a journalist from the French Libération newspaper wrote about something out of the common: a bee has abandoned its fight to win the presidential election...

David Derrien a.k.a. “Dédé l’Abeillaud”, former candidate for beekeeping and biodiversity, withdrew on 14th March 2012 because of lack of sponsorship. He gave no instructions to his followers on how they should vote in the first round.

This information shows us that the sponsorship system requires candidates to be serious and to have a real political programme, which is not the case of “Dédé l’Abeillaud”.

The presidential election allows the French to choose the strong man or the strong woman of the Republic that they believe is able to govern the country for 5 years. The function of the President cannot be exercised by just anybody, that is why the sponsorship system is important. I think that a presidential candidacy must not be farcical!

What about you? Do you think Dédé should be allowed to run for President?

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