18 January 2012

Guéant graduates gaffe... By Adam

This article was written by a journalist on the LCP website on December 24th 2011. The team of François Hollande, the Socialist presidential candidate for 2012, demands the withdrawal of Claude Guéant's circulaire restricting the possibility for foreign graduates to obtain employee status after their studies in France. Mme Le Corre states, in the name of François Hollande and of the Socialist Party, that the reception of foreign students is now a crucial issue in the internationalization process of French universities and in the collaboration between French universities and foreign universities.

I completely agree with the Socialist Party which defends the rights of foreigners. It’s incredible to see, in a globalized world, the French Interior Minister deciding to expel qualified foreigners. It’s a double error : a human one (French and foreign graduates are equal), and a political error too (we cannot, in a globalized world, expel talent because of origins).

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