3 December 2011

Reality for our kids please! By Adam

Louise Tickle, in her article for The Guardian dated November 18th 2011, deals with the use of computers in education. Do computers help or hinder our kids' education, do they help them be more creative?

I think computers have their use, but they are only a tool, not an end in themselves. The danger is that computers make kids lazy and their mastery is certainly not the purpose of education. Children need to discover first hand our landscapes, heritage, literature, art, and the rest, actively, with others, not through a machine, via virtual means, in a sterile fashion.

Numerical books for example destroy the osmosis between the reader and a real book, because a book isn't just a text but also a thing to touch and even smell. Each line of a book needs to be savoured. Books die if they are not there in your hands... Culture is a tactile, senses-based, learning experience, in real 3-D, to be shared with others, from an early age.

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