6 November 2011

Young and old concerned by attack on UK pension system. By Adam

This article was written by a The Guardian journalist on September 23rd 2011. It is about the protests against the proposed plans to reform the British pension system.

It is UNISON, the main public service union, that launched an offensive against pension reform. The Government plans to reduce pensions, just like some of its European neighbours such as France. Employees do not see things the same way, they want to retain their right to retire and consider that the increase in assessments would be a drop in the ocean that would not change the British economy.

The national association of the heads of institutions related to UNISON announced that its members will vote for a national strike.

I think it is necessary to safeguard the rights of employees. Indeed, the right to retirement exists and it must remain a right. In addition, youth can no longer enter the labour market since older workers will have to keep their jobs. So employees victim of this budgetary rigour must fight and protest against this odious reform !

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